How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in Portland, OR

What Can Damage Your Roof?

Thinking about your roof isn’t near the top of anyone’s to-do list, but if you’re a homeowner, you need to. Weather, small mishaps, and other facts of life can and do damage your roof.

Read on to learn about the common culprits of roof damage and how Portland roofers can help you!

Weather Damage

Thunderstorms and blizzards aren’t exactly a common occurrence in central Oregon, but they do happen from time to time. An extreme weather event has the potential to devastate your roof.

High winds could blow shingles off, loose tree limbs could smash into shingles, and sudden freezing temperatures could burst your gutters. If you’re worried about your roof after a storm, contact a reputable Portland roofing contractor for help.


Birds, squirrels, and other animals may be nice to look at, but they can really do a number on your roof! Rodents in your attic are capable of chewing through layers of your roofing and can even make it to the exterior.

On the other side of your roof, acidic bird droppings may eat through building materials, especially asphalt shingles. If you suspect animal damage, get in touch with Portland roofers right away.

Water Damage

Rain is a fact of life in Portland. But if that rain isn’t properly dealt with, it may cause serious damage to all parts of your home.

Overflowing or clogged gutters can cause stagnant pools of water on top of your home. In time, that will cause rot and water damage that could even reach your home’s exterior.

The rain itself, when combined with high winds, can also batter your roof over time. Quality roof installers in Portland know the signs of water damage and how to fix it.

Sun Damage

If rain’s not good for your roof, surely sunshine is okay, right? Unfortunately, that answer is no.

Harsh UV rays from the sun can dry out your shingles and slowly weaken them. If you’ve ever seen a lawn chair look bleached and worn after a summer in the sun, you get the idea.

Quality roofers in Portland can help get your home a roof replacement that better withstands what the sun can dish out.

Small Damages

Roofs take a beating but can still last for decades if there’s no major storm incident. But those small dings and dents can lead to a serious issue if they’re not fixed properly.

You probably don’t think about the flashing around your windows and vents much. But if that thin strip of material tears, it could let in moisture that can rot your roof.

Missing and pitted shingles are other things to look out for. A good Portland roofing contractor can help you make repairs before you need a replacement.

Finding the Best Portland Roof Installers

Experienced roofers in Portland can quickly identify what has caused damage, which steps need to be taken to remedy the issue, and set an accurate timeline for repairs or replacements.

Don’t let minor damage become a major issue by leaving it unchecked. Reach out to your local Portland roofing contractor today for an inspection!

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