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Comparing Roofing Materials

If you want your new Portland roofing to last as long as you own your house, you’ll want to choose a durable and long-lasting roofing material.

Homeowners who want to minimize maintenance costs should consider investing in more durable roofing materials. In contrast, those who prioritize the style of their home and can afford it will want to focus on finding a material that complements their aesthetic.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top-rated roofing materials for longevity, durability, and price. These tips should help you decide your roofing needs. So, if you are considering getting a new roof, please continue reading for more information about what to expect when hiring roofers in Portland.

Lifespan Comparison for Standard Materials

Not all roofs are created equal; some will last longer than others. Here’s a breakdown of common materials and their estimated lifespans:

  • Shortest lifespan (5-10 years): Asphalt roll
  • Medium lifespan (20-30 years): Built-up roof (BUR), wood shingle
  • Medium to long lifespan (15-40 years): Composite
  • Long lifespan (30-50 years): Standing-seam metal, wood shake
  • Most extended lifespan (50+ years): Clay or cement, Slate

Knowing the lifespan of roof materials will help you plan and budget for future repairs or replacements. But hiring Portland roofers for regular maintenance and proper installation can also impact the lifespan of your roof.

Cost Comparison for Hiring Professional Portland Roofers

Here’s a comparison list our experienced roof installers shared of the costs of different roofing materials based on a 2,000-square-foot house.

This comparison will be helpful for homeowners who are considering a Portland roofing replacement and want to know how much they might need to spend when hiring a Portland roofing contractor. We based the costs provided on hiring professional roof installers.

* All average costs are per square foot. The price over 100 years is a general estimate to asses durability. 

Asphalt Roll Roof

  • Average cost: $2.25
  • Total price: Roughly $4,500
  • Total cost over 100 years: Up to $54,000

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

  • Average cost: $4
  • Total price: About $8,000
  • Total cost over 100 years: About $32,000

Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof

  • Average cost: Around $5
  • Total price: About $11,000
  • Total cost over 100 years: $33,000 to $44,000

Wood Shingle Roof

  • Average cost: Between $6.50 and $11.00
  • Total price: $19,800
  • Total cost over 100 years: $60,000 to $80,000

Wood Shake Shingle Roof

  • Average cost: About $13
  • Total price: $26,000
  • Total cost over 100 years: $78,000

Standing-Seam Metal Roof

  • Average cost: About $10 for steel or aluminum, $13 for zinc, and $18 for copper
  • Total price (steel panel roof): About $22,000
  • Total cost over 100 years (if replaced only once): $44,000

Clay or Cement Tile Roofs

  • Average cost: Concrete tiles at around $10, terra cotta at $15 to $20, and ceramic tile at $20 to $30
  • Total price (traditional Spanish clay tile roof at $20 per square foot): $44,400
  • Total cost over 100 years: $44,000

Choosing Roof Materials

Professional roofers in Portland will help guide you as costs may vary greatly depending on various factors, including roof configurations, labor costs, and material types. Also, the lifespan of these different types of roofing could significantly affect their lifetime value.

Contact your local Portland roofing contractor to discuss your options for long-lasting, affordable roofing solutions.

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