Forest Park

Forest Park in Portland, OR, is a magnificent spot for visitors to explore. You won’t even have to leave the Portland city boundaries to experience a real Northwest country wood.

Learn more about visiting and what your trip will look like.

About Forest Park

Forest Park is home to one of the biggest urban forests in the USA. The park spans over 5200 acres and boasts over 80 miles of trails, lanes, and forest pathways.

The park extends for over seven miles of the eastern slopes of the Tualatin Mountains. This stretch overlooks Northwest Portland and the region where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet.

The park is home to a variety of birds and mammals. You may spot:

  • Woodpeckers
  • Owls
  • Bald eagles
  • Porcupine
  • Elk
  • Mountain beaver
  • Bats
  • Weasels

The Trails

There are several biking and hiking trails to explore in the conservation area of Forest Park in Portland, OR. Two of the most popular routes are the Wildwood Trail and Leif Erikson Drive.

Wildwood Trail

A designated National Recreation Trail, this route weaves along for 30.2 miles. It starts at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Washington Park in the south and ends to the north at Newberry Road, Portland, OR 97210. Follow the trail’s blue, diamond-shaped markers placed every quarter-mile.

Leif Eriksen Drive

Once a road for vehicles, this route now forms a wide forest pathway. The trail spans 11.2 miles. It starts at the Thurman St. northwest trailhead and ends at Germantown Road, NW. The trail is marked by white concrete posts which show the mileage from Thurman St.

Getting There

By car’s the most convenient to access the park, but you can also get to many trails via public transport. Two train lines and five bus lines offer access to the popular Portland, Oregon park.

The two MAX train lines, the Red and the Blue take you to the Oregon Zoo, from which you can access the Wildwood trail. You can also go through Hoyt Arboretum. From the zoo, it’s easy to locate the path.

As for taking the bus, the 16 will allow you to get to Forest Park’s Ridge trail, Wildwood trail, Fire Lane 1, Lower Saltzman, Linton Trail loop, and the BPA Road.

Using the 77, you can get to the Macleay Park. Within a few minutes of walking, you can reach the Aspen and Leif Erikson trails.

The 20 and the 63 bus lines take you to Barber Walker Crossing and the Wildwood Trail.

Opening and Closing Times

The Portland, OR Forest Park is open daily between 5 am and 10 pm. You’ll find one of the most suitable access points to the park at the NW 29 & Upshur to Newberry Road, Portland, OR 97210 juncture.

Nearby Attractions

There are several attractions in the area to visit if you’re making a day of it. Some of the highlights include:

  • Pittock Mansion
  • The Oregon Zoo
  • Macleay Park
  • Boedecker Cellars
  • Meriwether’s Restaurant
  • The Portland Taproom
  • Tubby’s Deli

Some Last Thoughts

Forest Park in Portland, Oregon, makes for a fantastic day out in nature. You’ll get to see many species of bird and a few other critters. If the trails aren’t the main attraction for you, there are several other fun things to do and restaurants to visit in the vicinity.


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